Texans beat Jaguars 24-14

The Houston Texans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to improve their overall record to 5-3. The victory also gives the Texans a 3-0 record in the AFC South and puts them in great shape to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

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I’m getting a Chromebook… I think

I have made a decision, for now at least, that I will eventually end up getting a Chromebook. I have put alot of thought about getting a Chromebook or a tablet but I do everything through Google nowadays that it is almost a no brainer. I use Google for web browsing, Gmail(primary email address), Google Voice, and Picasa for picture uploads and viewing. My smartphone also has ties with Google because it runs on their Android OS. I don’t know if this new Chromebook idea will take off but i do know that it is targeted towards consumers such as myself that do almost everything through Google’s services. I will probably purchase it about 2 months after the release so I can read about other users’ experiences with the device first.

High school reunion already?!!

Last week I was on my Facebook and I was receiving all sorts of invites to high school reunion activities. First thing that crossed my mind was…. “Are you kidding me?! It’s been 10 years already!!” …. My best friends are people from back in high school therefore to me it seems as if it hasn’t been that long. Everytime we all hang out we still act like we did back in high school. It’s almost as if nothing has changed except that now we are grown ups with responsibilities. Some people call it immature but I call it having fun LoL.

There’s also alot of people that I haven’t seen in years. I’m actually looking forward to reconnecting with friends from back in the day. I see alot of them through Facebook but it should be interesting once we are all together in the same place. Will that girl that I had a crush on show up? I wonder how she looks now? Will that dude whose nose I busted up be there? Is he going to want round 2?…. I don’t know but it should be an interesting and fun night…. Looking forward to it!!!

28 going on 29…. bleh!

Now that the winter seems to be going away for good I started the process of getting back into shape. It has been a while since Ive done any type of strenuous exercise therefore I decided to start off with light running in the form of soccer. It was just a friendly casual game with mostly older people in their 30’s. The following day I realized something… I’m getting old. I woke up with my legs extremely sore but that was an expected result since I had not exercised in a long time. What I did not expect was an aching/stiff lower back and aching ankle joints……WTH!! Luckily, both of my knees had full range of motion otherwise I would have gone berserk.

Seeing how I am 28 at the moment and will be turning 29 in 3 months, I have finally started to accept that age is starting to catch up with me. Gone are the days where I could go through an afternoon of intense football practice and wake up the next day with only a minor bruise or two. Gone are the days where I could study all night for a college exam and pass it without any sleep. If i go out to have drinks with some friends on any given night, I need to make sure I don’t have any plans the next day so I can catch up on sleep and rest. Anyways, I have from now until July to get into shape and be ready for Las Vegas Hangover style baby.  I would post pics of myself going from flabby abs to toned abs but the way my abs look right now is quite embarrassing lmao….. but hey, at least it’s not as bad as the Governator’s abs haha. Have a great day people.

fonz the boss

Auto-text… I love it/hate it

Ok I know i didn’t post anything last week so I am going to bring up something really random. How many of you all have texted somebody but then the auto text replaces an important word that changes the meaning of the entire sentence?…. I know i have. I’ve had several of these auto-text failures when I post on Facebook and Twitter as well. One of the funniest auto text failures that comes to mind was when I texted a friend of mine not too long ago. It was already past 1 in the morning when I sent my friend a text in Spanish saying, “Estas despierta?” That means, “are you awake?” Instead of texting “despierta” the auto-text changed the word to “desperate.” It completely changed the meaning of the sentence because the message now read, “estas desperate?” To those that don’t know, that is the Spanglish way of saying, “Are you desperate?” If anybody asks you that question after 1 in the morning you’re probably thinking it’s a booty call. Anyways, my friend texted me back with a shocked smiley like this :-O I was confused by this so I went back to my messages and saw the dreaded auto-text fail. Luckily for me, i explained the situation and she said that stuff like that has happened to her as well LoL. Now that I have shared that funny story I want to know how often does this kind of thing happen. Obviously I’m not going to ask for every one of you to share your story in the comments… unless you really want to. I will however attach a poll so you guys can vote on it…. thanks you guys, be safe


I’ll be there… when I’m not there

Hello everyone, I’m back with another blog post. I hope everyone has been doing great so far in 2011 with the resolutions and goals that have been set. I’m excited to announce that my new year’s resolution is still ongoing and will continue to be until the end of this month. I haven’t mentioned what my resolution is on the blog but it is to eliminate all meats from my diet. In case you all were wondering, I’m not doing it to lose weight. I’m doing it more as a token of respect to the wildlife and all life in general. I saw a documentary a while back about about the cruelty that goes on in slaughter houses and I was appalled. But anyways, i got a little side tracked there writing about my resolution. As corny as it may sound I wanted to write about friendship and how valuable it is.

Last week I got a text message from a friend of mine. This is a friend whom I’ve known for many years. She was 14 and I was 17 when we first met; you should also know that I am 28 years old now. She asked me, “would you say that you have alot of true friends?” Without any doubt in my mind I said, “yes, I have alot of friends who would have my back anytime if that’s what you mean.” The strange timing to that question left me a bit unsettled. I had a feeling she had asked me that particular question because she felt her support system was inadequate. I then asked if she brought up the question for a reason and her answer confirmed the obvious. Recently one of her best friends went through a family tragedy and she was amazed at the support she got from friends everywhere. People from out of town whom she had not seen in years were there to offer full support for her best friend. The incident made her wonder how many friends would be there for support if she ever needed it. Granted, I could understand why she would feel that way because she did not keep many close friendships after high school. Some of the closest friends she had ever made were during her time at a university; but as it happens in most cases, everyone scatters all over the place to start their careers.

Now she was back where it all started- a small town where most of the people she knew were acquaintances at best. She was back at her old place to regroup while the people closest to her have moved on with their lives. The fact that her boyfriend lives out of town does not help the matter either. She felt disconnected from the world and that did not sit well with me. I did what any other person would do for a friend they cared about and that was to be there… even if it was through simple texting. By this time we had been texting for a while and without her even knowing it, she was getting the answer to her question the minute that she sent the first text. The point that I’m trying to make is that it does not matter how often you talk to a person. Hell, it does not even matter how often you have to see a person in order to consider them friends. A true friend will be there even if they are not there in person. I’ll end this blog entry by saying the same thing I told my friend which was, “even if you feel like there’s no one there for you I’m going to be there… Even if I’m not there in person, I’ll be there when I’m not there.”

Once again,

Fonz the Blogger